The Jefferson Award

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The Jefferson Award
Recent past recipients of the Thomas Jefferson Award:

Fred Hunter, Absolutely Alabama
Merdith M. Byram, Jefferson County Historical Commission
Joseph Baker, I Believe in Birmingham

Cheryl Morgan, Auburn Center for Architecture and Urban Studies
Karen Utz, Sloss Furnace Association
Andrew Capstickdale, Jamie Cawood, Andrew Morrow,
Woodlawn Masonic Lodge

Bessemer Hall of History
Brooke and Daniel Coleman, Swann House
Girl Scouts of North Central Alabama, Camp Coleman
Buddy Mewbourne, County historian

William F. Edmonds, Joan McCoy Edmonds, Independent Presbyterian
Church, An Enduring Ministry
Gary Richardson, Bob Friedman, Birmingham Black Radio Museum
Bernard and Margie Fay Crawford, County historians
Troy Post, Bessemer Industrial Development Board
Samuel A. Rumore Jr., Jefferson County Historical Commission

Clarke J. Stallworth Jr., journalist
Rev. Thomas L. Wilder Jr., Bethel Baptist Church, Collegeville
Jimmy Koikos, Nicky Koikos, Helen K. Cocoris, The Bright Star
Patricia Nelms Hall, Leeds historian

Marvin Yeomans Whiting, Jefferson County Historical Commission,
Birmingham Public Library Archives
Carole and Rodger Smitherman
Clay Legacy Association
Wiggins Law Firm
Walter Bryant, journalist
Rosedale Community Development Corporation

Michael A. Calvert, Operation New Birmingham
Jane Culbreth, Leeds community historian,
Jefferson County Historical Commission
Penny Prewitt Cunningham, patron of arts and history
Larry Langford, Jefferson County Commission

Glen Feldman, author
Helen Shores Lee
Louise Ayer Tommie, Jefferson County Historical Commission,
Bessemer Hall of History
Vulcan Park Foundation

Oak Hill Memorial Association
Jothan Callins, Birmingham jazz historian
Cathy Criss Adams, Worthy of Remembrance: A History of Redmont

Valerie Abbott, Birmingham City Council
Charles O. Parrish, realtor
John E. Vines, Bessemer historian
Bobby Wilson, professor and author

Jonathan Bass, Blessed are the Peacemakers
Cathy Sloss Crenshaw, Sloss Real Estate Group
Otis Dismuke, educator and community historian
Jane Mulkin, West Jefferson Historical Society
Pat Boyd Rumore, Lawyers in a New South City

Bernard Kincaid, Ensley Highlands neighborhood
Leeds Historical Society
Jimmy and Martha Taylor, John Hand Building
James Walker, West Jefferson County historian
The Jim Hardin family, downtown preservationists

For a complete list of awardees since 1980, please contact us by phone (205. 592-6610) or e-mail [email protected]